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Kashka Stitt

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The spiritual connection that Kashka has with nature is derived from the earliest years of her childhood, when she lived off the land, on her grandfather’s old‐timer’s homestead, in upstate New York. She spent the years hunting, fishing, and foraging the woods for berries, nuts, and fruit. Many places she visited were the orchards and gardens planted by her ancestors, centuries before. She observed the life cycle of the forest and it’s inhabitants with the curiosity and open mind and heart of a child.
As a young adult, living and working in South Florida, she learned about the convolutions of human nature. She recognized the responsibility that people have toward each other in our interdependent society and observed that many people are oblivious to anything outside themselves.
As a current resident of the Southwest, her artwork represents a combination of ideals, where humanity coexists favorably with nature and takes responsibility for our natural and manmade environments.

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