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Bradford Klemmer

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Namaste. I Feel Deeply into the Concepts I Illustrate by Transmuting Energy while Digitally Collaging Specific Photographs and Pictures, Mostly in Relation to Spiritual Awakening.

Through Imagery I Help People Realize (Real-Eyes) the Matrix, while Promoting the Dissemination of Hidden Knowledge and Social Change through Conscious Awareness.

Along with My Diverse Array of Art Projects and Portfolios, I Also Create Custom Designs for Clients by Conceptually Remixing Their Own Photos and Pictures to Purchase as Unique Prints.

About being a Graphic-Remix Artist (My Technique)-

I photograph an eclectic array of subjects, arranged as specific themes portrayed. Concept is crucial, and takes precedence over the images I select to remix in Photoshop. In order to illustrate certain concepts, which I cannot photograph myself, I also create new designs by remixing pictures I obtain through Google image searches. My use of color may be realistic or meaningful, as I work with both abstract shapes and the symbolism of objects and archetypes. While the original images I use as elements reveal a minimalistic approach to start, my final remix designs intricately define maximalism. I digitally stack and blend many layers of graphics, masking and revealing specific elements from them. I discover and create the meanings my work portrays from what I personally experience, the topics I study and the journey my soul is guided to take.

About being an Empathic Artist (My Gift)-

Compiling the original imagery needed, while constructing each new design, I psychologically adopt the feelings and moods of the subject being illustrated or the general vibe of the environment. Guided by intuition and a clear sense of knowing through subtle emotional/social cues I receive, I am able to better understand and reflect such nuances of feelings expressed by others. Whether visually illustrating a concept for myself, or a client, I take on and transmute this subtle energy like I transform the imagery. I reveal the true depth beyond the surface level of common awareness, to provoke true care and inspire positive change. I’ve overcome many challenging times along my own journey of emotional healing, giving me a strong desire to help others by personally relating to both their joy and pain alike.

About being a Wakeful-Modern Artist (My Philosophy)-

Digitally collaging photographs and illustrations, I merge both spiritual and surreptitious Truth with scientific facts, metaphysical concepts, and the wisdom of light-occultism (the use of hidden knowledge for good). I symbolically reveal Reality as “1- the world or the state of things as they actually exist...” and “2- the state or quality of having existence or substance,” within God as all encompassing. I regard Consciousness as the fundamental plain from which all matter derives, both equally relevant and valuable. I illustrate life as the matrix of spiritual unity each soul is freely experiencing, and the matrix of social control that humanity is currently imprisoned by. I promote the enlightenment of self-sovereignty and respect for the natural rights of all sentient beings, by living according to the Natural Laws of the universe.

One love, Brad.

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