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Pia Alicia Pilar Mogollon

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I am a local photographer and have been living and creating in Tucson for over twelve years. I also love to dabble in videography, oil painting, drawing, and mixed media. I like getting dirty. Getting raw, getting loud, getting taboo. I have always been an artist but never really took the time to explore really making art. I've spent much of my life in performance art and writing. I moved to Tucson in 1997 to give birth to my most fabulous and indelible piece, my son Andrees, who is an artist himself, and became fascinated with the art scene. Inspired and encouraged by several people especially my good friend Tanya Hammond, my sweetheart, Neil Collins and later Tig Collins of Artfare,  I began taking myself seriously as a visual artist.

Creativity comes natural and seems to be a part of my genetic make up. My mother, is an artist who has worked in many mediums including oil paint, pastel, mixed media and etc. My father, applied drawing skills to his work in drafting and architectural design. Many of my siblings, nieces and nephews create art in various mediums including drawing, painting, craft, photography, sculpture, sewing and design. My paternal grandfather was a poet and printer, my maternal grandmother sang and played the banjo and harmonica she also enjoyed crocheting and crafting gifts for friends and family.

Through all of my influences familial or otherwise, I have learned to look at talent and skill as something attainable rather than some innate trait only doled out to a chosen few. I feel that by opening myself up to experience and immersing myself in art culture and communities, I am able to shed self limiting patterns and discover myself as a creative capable artist in any medium I choose.

I completed an associate's degree in Digital Arts/Graphic Design at Pima Community College and am available for hire as a photographer, videographer and for entry level graphic design projects.  

Feel free to find me online, along with the link I've provided in the website area, I can be found at:
Links to my social media presence can be found d there as well.

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