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Ernie Estep

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Folk artist Ernie Estep was born in 1955 in Omaha, Nebraska, and moved to Tucson when he turned 11 years old. Other than four years in the Marines, time on the road as a long-distance trucker, and a brief stay on Omaha, he’s been here ever since. He regrets getting out of the service – “I didn’t re-enlist when I should’ve.” He served in between wars and was stationed in Korea and Okinawa as well as the states.

Mr. Estep currently lives at St. Luke’s Home. He states he started creating art when he got bored with watching TV. He enjoyed putting models together when he was a teenager, but now he makes original pieces, inspired by movies or his imagination. “I might start out going in one direction, but then I might change my mind. When I decide I don’t want to add anything to it, I’m done.”

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