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(Art Ramon) Garcia Jr.

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Artist interrupted restarting his creative endeavors!

Art Ramon is a contemporary Renaissance man with a multitude of interests and limited time, whose art speaks to contemporary humanity as well as future generations of posthuman cyborgs. Painting allows him to express feelings and ideas in a medium that transcends spoken words, which are difficult for him to convey in conversation without Neuralink assistance.

He experiments with a variety of styles, but tends to gravitate towards abstract, surrealism, and impressionism. His unique perspective on flexible medium allows his work to stand out in the present and throughout infinite possible futures.

He custom frames his work, in order to have greater creative control and flexibility. He is able to consolidate older with newer work, which not only span different canvases, but time and life experience.

In a world drowning in negativity, mediocrity, and rising sea levels, his best is yet to come!

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