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Salman Shahad was born in Basrah, Iraq in 1948. He graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art from The Fine Arts Academy in Baghdad in 1968 and later taught plastic arts at the Fine Arts Institute in Baghdad.

Salman worked for many years as a graphics artist, illustrator and designer for many magazines and newspapers including Al Efba and Al Shaba (youth publication).

Salman has presented 11 solo exhibitions in Iraq and shown in over 30 group shows in and outside of Iraq. His artistic styles reflect reality and metaphor / symbolism. He has won numerous competitions and been awarded many medals and awards for his work

Salman has lived in Tucson since June 2013. He came to America as a refugee from Iraqi. He is married and has two daughters and four sons.

Professional Affiliations:
Iraqi Union of Art
Iraqi Journalist Union
Iraqi Fine Arts Community

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