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Douglass Truth is a painter, writer, and performer.

Born in 1953 in Indianapolis, Indiana, into a family famous for its mechanics, bricklayers, and lawyers, Douglass Truth was cursed from the beginning with a heightened sensibility combined with very poor taste. Attempts at remedial education throughout the years have met with uncertain results, leaving him with a reputation as mixed as his media.
He has worked as a civil engineering designer and surveyor during the pipeline years in Alaska, a chef, building dismantler, English teacher, and as a software salesman in Taiwan. He owned and operated a graphic design and silk-screen company, Flying Turtle Graphics, supplying his own unique designs on T-shirts, coffee mugs, and posters.

Truth began painting in 1996, and has been represented by galleries in California, Arizona, Indiana, New York, and Connecticut.

He was an early member and president of the board (2002-2006) of the Storefront Artist Project in Pittsfield, MA. He wrote and published three books,  I Am A Dog,  Revolution of Flowers, and Everything I Know About Death (Subject to Verification.)

Truth has a new one-woman show in production: An Intimate Evening with Death Herself, as well as two video shows: Everything I Know and Words Fail Me, both on YouTube. He is also working on a new book, Revolution of Flowers - The Second Manifesto: A Flower's View of the So-Called End of The World.

Truth lives in Tucson, Arizona, and is contemplating opening a small teahouse somewhere in Montana.

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