the stories we tell watermark

The Stories We Tell

Created by:
Isadora Hale

Art Show:
Dream of Form

Created on:

Acrylic On Canvas

18" x 24"

This painting at first appears to be a sugary-sweet image of a girl enjoying her ice cream. That's the image you'd see in your social media feed, as the mom gushed about her perfect life, her perfect kids, and the oh-so-perfect afternoon they had at the ice cream store.

The truth is, those moments are rarely real. We're tired, we don't enjoy every moment of our lives, and that perfect moment with the ice cream would probably be followed by, for example, the discovery that there were ants on the table and now they were all over the ice cream.

This isn't a bad thing, really. It's life. It's flawed and funny and it's full of a million less-than-perfect moments that make us laugh and cry at once. It's time we celebrate that imperfect beauty, and just quit it with the perfectly posed facade.


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