Girl by the Wall watermark

Girl By The Wall (with "The New Colossus")

Created by:
Isadora Hale

Art Show:
Dream of Form

Created on:

Acrylic On Canvas

24" x 24"

Like so many people, I am horrified at the suffering going on all around us. Every day the news overflows with it. The rhetoric we hear is that we must take care of ourselves first, to "be safe" from the other, the outside, the over there… meanwhile divides grow within the borders of our own country. It crumbles from within while fear, hate, politics and greed gnaw at the very core of who I thought we were. No wall will keep that out. No amount of turned backs will shield us from our own hypocrisy.

When I was a kid, I believed we were good, that our nation was a beacon of hope, help and welcoming to anybody who came to our shores in need. I saw photos of the Statue of Liberty, and read Emma Lazarus' words, and felt proud to be an American. This is not to say that I'm not proud now, nor do I have any profound cure for the cancer that eats at our moral core. I painted this with both sadness hope. I know that so many other people would choose love over hate, welcoming over fear. I don't disagree that there are very real dangers and true evil out there, but they are not only beyond our borders, and closing some out closes out so many more who have their own evil to escape and desperately need that "lamp lifted beside the golden door."


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